Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Project Red's new rendition into their RPG genre and this time we are in the future. Night city is ruled by companies, gangs, fixers and you are at the bottom of the chain. Even though, its set in the year 2077, it feels more like the year 2040 instead. Apart from the neon look and feel of the game, the gameplay feels pretty simple and is disappointing throughout. However, the disappointing gameplay is remedied by a nailbiting adventure.

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Soul Capture is a thing of the future where the souls of people can be stored on pendrive like biochips, basically offering immortality. It's cutting edge and hasn't hit the markets yet... so only the richest of the rich have it. The main questline is built around this concept which was easy to grasp but in action, I loved it.

And to support this narrative, there is a great cast of actors. Keanu Reeves (as Johnny Silverhand) was with us through the whole adventure including side quests which made the game that much awesome. Judy, Panam, Brendan, Rogue, Padre, and the list will go on. All of them were so memorable characters.

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Side Quests

The side quests can actually affect the main quest and you WILL have different endings based on the side quests you complete. And to be honest, I loved all the side quests I did. In fact, after completition I did some more side quests and the quality and effort put in them was sublime. CDPR really knows how to make RPGs and it shows.

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Gameplay Problem

This game's gameplay is flawed. The car driving feels ancient. It is broken and the terrain doesn't help either. While you can mow down heavy trees, but your cars stops to a halt when they touch a small pole. Driving offshore? you will definitely get stopped to halt due to a small rock. The guns are basic and the worse of all is the skill tree. Due to this ancient gameplay, you cant but feel like its not really 2077 but 2010.

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Good Morning, Night City

Night City is absolutely beautiful and one of the game's major features. It is full to its brim with good side quests and all of them have an affect on the night city and vice versa. We also explore the deserts and an industrial area which aren't as detailed as Night City.

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But Night City was made by some people who do not know how to plan roads! Without the mini-map this game is unplayable because of how poorly the road navigation is. Poor car handling doesnt help either.

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It Bangs Hard!

The music in this game is loud and true to its identity. Sometimes, I just drove around the open-world just vibing to the tunes on the radio. The sound design for gameplay is also solid and doesn't let the players down.

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Why Play Cyberpunk 2077

  1. Great Storyline
  2. Realistic Characters
  3. Beautiful Night City to Explore
  4. Great work by modellers and animators
  5. Amazing Side Quests
  6. Amazing Music

Why Not To Play Cyberpunk 2077

You shouldn't play this game on hardware that is not PS5 or XBox Series X or graphic card higher than RTX 3060. This game is demanding and does not offer a good experience on any devices lower than I mentioned. Moreover, the game is not optimized, it doesn't look that good to warrant such a high entry point for hardware.

This game will make you question what the developers were thinking when they designed the core gameplay loop. The guns, the cars, the traffic, the population are highly dissapointing.

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